Capture Higher Ed: Bringing Technology to Higher Education

"Change is inevitable. Growth is optional.” —John Maxwell

The statement holds true when it comes to technology adoption in the education landscape. Despite embracing the ‘inevitable change’, the ‘growth’ of technology is slow in the industry. While the healthcare and finance industries are utilizing cutting-edge algorithms on massive datasets, colleges and universities have not yet leveraged data in a comprehensive way, despite the challenges faced by the sector. “Technologies prevalent in the predictive modeling, analytics, and the data science space for the past few decades have just reached higher education,” says Brad Weiner, Director of Data Science at Capture Higher Ed. “Colleges and universities continue operating on antiquated data models and the use of advanced technology, analytics, and data models remain an exception rather than the norm.”

This challenge, combined with the desire to become a catalyst in the higher education sector, spurred the genesis of Capture Higher Ed. “We bring advanced analytics to an industry that can benefit tremendously from it,” says Weiner.

In an environment providing increased choices but insufficient data, Capture helps universities find prospective students and engage with them in a manner that sets them apart. “We bring new ideas to help universities attract interested students through the use of marketing tactics, machine learning, and artificial intelligence,” says Thom Golden, Senior Vice President of Data Science at Capture. As funding for higher education decreases, Capture helps colleges and universities optimize their recruitment processes using marketing automation and predictive modeling tools. The centerpiece of Capture is its marketing automation software, Capture Behavioral Engagement (CBE), which focuses on the idea that the core of the university marketing takes place through the website.

By utilizing student-level data to drive tailored content, Capture makes the recruitment process more effective while providing a more customized user-experience for students.

CBE also provides a wealth of data, which Capture uses to continually improve functionality. For example, the proprietary Capture Engagement Score measures student interest, which can then be used to trigger 12 types of dynamic content including emails, popovers, direct mail, and others.

We bring new ideas to help universities attract interested students through the use of marketing tactics, machine learning, and artificial intelligence

Capture also offers an enrollment prediction modeling solution called Envision. Built specifically for higher education, Envision has proven to be more accurate than any other model in the enrollment management industry. The comprehensive engine uses machine learning to predict the likelihood of applying, or enrollment. It is powered by contextual, individual, and behavioral data, which stands in contrast to the theoretically specified predictions that are often less accurate.

From marketing automation to predictive modeling, Capture weaves machine learning into its external work for partners. As Capture looks to the future, it will continue to find ways for machine learning to optimize routine processes and improve efficiency across the enterprise.