bitWise Academy: Architects of AI-Driven, Adaptive STEM Education

G. Venkat, Founder & CEO, bitWise AcademyG. Venkat, Founder & CEO
G.Venkat, Founder and CEO of bitWise Academy, believes that all students want to be active learners rather than passive recipients of information. As parents and educators, we should respect each student’s unique learning style. This personalized focus is difficult in large class sizes that follow a traditional curriculum. That is where online education fits in. With so many e-learning platforms available today, many online EdTech sites feature a “one-size-fits-all” learning model that delivers content in a similar way to most classroom settings. The true essence of e-learning platforms should consider factors such as age, ability, and varied learning patterns of students; however, without a dynamic learning environment, most online learners tend to become distracted, disinterested, or simply unmotivated to continue. bitWise developed a solution to solve this problem. Venkat suggests that, “in order to face these online learning challenges, we need to effectively harness the capability of artificial intelligence (AI) to prevent students from becoming lost in the material and losing sight of the fun of learning.” Venkat believes that, “Adapting and personalizing educational content to each studentis key –and this is the heart of bitWise’s mission.” It is bitWise’s vision to bring interdisciplinary computer science and STEM education to every child, teenager, and young adult to prepare them for future careers in a highly-technical future job market.

There are three main components that comprise the bitWise solution. First, at the core of the offering is the cutting-edge adaptive learning management platform that delivers an interactive and immersive environment for the delivery of emerging technologies and STEM courses while tracking the individual progress of each student to customize the learning experience. Second, this data is analyzed via bitWise’s unique byteSMARTTM AI engine that interprets and reports on each learner’s individualized performance level.

This analysis provides valuable insight for students, parents, teachers, and educators to better understand unique learning styles to personalize a one-of-a-kind experience for each student. Third, bitWise recently introduced its revolutionary chatbot platform— bestFRIENDTM—where students can locate relevant answers and detailed explanations to their questions. Venkat explains that, “this ground-breaking chatbot solution is the student’s very own ‘study buddy’ and a way for learners to feel more confident as they tackle challenging subject matter in a fun, non-intimidating way.”

One of the key components of the bitWise platform is its ability to include parents and teachers in the student’s e-learning journey by providing a separate access point to monitor and generate detailed progress reports of the student’s individualized learning experience. Another noteworthy feature of the bitWise learning management solution is the ability to create a ‘School Account’ for teachers to add students to their classroom dashboard and oversee the performance of individual students, in addition to giving administrators and PTAs visibility into the measurable benefits of spending school funds on innovative and impactful educational programs.

Our mission is to demystify apprehensions about applied computer science and STEM to help students of all ages master subjects in a tailored self-paced manner so that they can thrive in a global data-driven world

bitWise’s remarkable growth and adoption rates within a short timeframe is validation that the EdTech market needs a personalized solution rather than a typical one-size-fits-all program that offers static, pre-recorded content. bitWise is gearing up to launch even more sophisticated AI algorithms, additional STEM-based courses, and an intuitive conversational UI, to enhance the quality and essence of the learning experience. With several other promising features under development, the founding principles of bitWise is well on its way to being attainable by all students regardless of age, gender or geographic location.