iFOLIO: The Smart Student Portfolio Platform

Jean Marie Richardson, President & CEO, iFOLIOJean Marie Richardson, President & CEO
Higher education has long encouraged the use of portfolios for assessment and presentation. With college applications online, a digital portfolio can help a student humanize their application to reviewers who may be averaging hundreds of applications a day.

iFOLIO is an Atlanta based digital portfolio platform that provides student portfolio modules prebuilt for college applications in their Educator solution. Powered by their proprietary artificial intelligence framework, iFolio Educator is designed to target the key criteria college admissions scores, while enabling seamless on-boarding of each student.

Jean Marie Richardson, the Founder and CEO of iFOLIO attended Georgia Institute of Technology on a President’s Scholarship, the highest merit award. During undergrad she worked in the President’s Scholars office scoring college applications based on a framework utilized by the Top 100 colleges and universities in the U.S. The idea for iFOLIO came years later when the college application process was digitized, and she realized a digital portfolio platform that targeted that scorecard, could assist students to build their best impression for college, and for internships as well.

iFOLIO helps students be mindful from the get-go of what kind of portfolio they should develop before they even begin. Insights and examples from admissions are built into the student portfolio modules. Students can then focus on their own story and bring it to life visually with 150+ display options.

The platform is a software-as-a-service solution enabling global access for administrators, managers, and students from a computer and browser anywhere in the world. Organizations can onboard students in multiple groups in different locations at the same time, with minimum latency and maximum functionality.

Analytics provide value to the administration. iFolio provides a portal and collaborative access for administrators to uncover opportunities to assist that student.

For example, the desired colleges and degree programs the student is interested in may require unique coursework and extracurriculars. An artificial intelligence built into the platform enables a more seamless on-boarding which can happen in seconds.

iFolio’s first customers were summer programs at Georgia Tech and the University of Georgia. Students flew over from all over the U.S. and even China and Puerto Rico, and the development team was live incorporating their feedback in real time. The response was overwhelmingly positive.

Today, iFOLIO users have been admitted to Ivy League universities such as Yale and Cornell, received merit scholarships valued at over one hundred thousand dollars, received on-the-spot job offers, and even have been drafted to the NFL.

iFOLIO helps students be mindful from the get-go of what kind of portfolio they should develop before they even begin

“iFOLIO provides value to students and parents, as both a learning tool and a presentation tool. We appreciate that iFOLIO provides templates that can be personalized for students for different uses, whether for college and career prep or for projects and sports. We also like that the iFOLIO Student template is designed to help students understand and target items that college admission cares about,” says Katherine Kelbaugh, Principal of The Museum School of Avondale Estates, and “2018 Georgia Charter School Leader of the Year.” The Museum School provides iFOLIO to every 6th, 7th, and 8th-grade student.

iFOLIO is offered this summer at Teen Academies operating simultaneously at 26 colleges including Stanford, Harvard, Princeton, MIT, UCLA, Duke, and even The Imperial College of London. "We chose iFOLIO because their portfolio solution allows us to deliver innovative college prep solutions to our talented students,” says Ricky Bennett, Director of Innovation and Partnerships, iD Tech.

The company is growing rapidly with thousands of users today in the U.S. and 56 countries and a compelling roadmap for product and distribution. iFolio strives to provide an innovative platform for educators and sports organizations to bring their students’ talent to life for college and sports opportunities.


Get Better With Digital Portfolio Storytelling with This Platform

iFOLIO, on its platform couples the capability of a portfolio or single visual story in a private link. The link consequently can be shared directly with a consumer through iFOLIO’s proprietary Visual Share SMS or email.

FREMONT, CA: Cresa Atlanta, a real estate leader, is delivering engaging digital trends and portfolios directly to buyers and customers through iFOLIO, a platform for digital portfolios and business SMS. One can transform the customer experience with iFOLIO’s portfolio platform that delivers personalized experiences.
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