Ai Media Group: Where Are Your Students?

Sergio Alvarez, Founder & CEO, Ai Media GroupSergio Alvarez, Founder & CEO
In between the time a student first types the name of a college into a search engine and their final decision on where they will be attending, a lot may happen. The abundance of choices within the education sector makes choosing the right one overwhelming. In order to create awareness and increase enrollments, institutions implement a variety of digital marketing tactics; including, social, video, mobile, and search. Ai Media Group—a company that specializes in defining, managing, and executing online marketing strategies—provides institutions with a holistic view of their marketing tactics allowing them to act as a digital matchmaker for students and schools. They strategically plan which of those tactics will be most effective and how the different networks and devices work together to lead prospective students to enrollment.

“The idea is to put all of our efforts from social, display, and search together, look at the touchpoints, and find ways to optimize the process, which we do through our attribution system,” says Sergio Alvarez, the founder and CEO of Ai Media Group. Social media plays a crucial role in creating the initial engagement between a prospect and an institution; it may very well be the first place students gather information. The search for the right education goes well beyond the coursework making it a complex journey that is both an art and a science. Throughout the journey, students will have multiple touchpoints across search, mobile, social, among other digital market elements, before submitting an application.

Once a prospective student has found a school, that school’s site plays a major role in their conversion. Navigating an educational institution’s website can be complex. Ai Media Group creates a simplified landing page that makes it easier for users to get the information they need to make their decisions.

Our technology brings the transparency and articulation that the education sector needs to map the process of a prospective student being converted into a qualified lead

From the moment a student first engages with any of the institution’s web properties, Ai Media Group can see and capture their unique device ID, their IP address, and can use cookies to keep tracking them as they move. This enables Ai Media Group to know the entire journey of the prospective student’s search for a school from inception to enrollment. “Our technology brings the transparency and articulation that the education sector needs to map the process of a prospective student being converted into a qualified lead,” says Alvarez.

To illustrate the agency’s ability to identify and simplify the complexities in the education landscape, Alvarez recounts an example in which Ai Media Group created a landing page for a university specifically targeting prospective students on their search. The landing page was a simplified version of the university’s main site that allowed users to learn more about what the institution has to offer and lead them to enrollment without the chaos of extraneous options on the organic site. Having this unique page specifically for prospects allows Ai Media Group to see where students are searching, and connects to the main site to see where they go beyond the landing page. This allows for better personalization because the landing page and the submission page on the main site are now connected creating a better user experience.

Ai Media Group has proven its success in a variety of verticals and caught the eye of some big players. Alvarez proudly states, “About two years ago, Blackstone Group took a minority interest in Ai, which was centered on our technology and the growth we had in the industry.” Ai Media Group plans to continue to build their technology to keep up with the ever-changing digital space and extend their efforts within the education vertical beyond enrollment and help increase student retention rates. They continue to be innovators in the digital space pushing for more transparency and full attribution in digital media buying.