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Top 10 Artificial Intelligence Solution Companies - 2021

Artificial intelligence (AI) is currently the most popular technology innovations of the 21st century. Its limitless applications in varied industries is captivating and the promise it shows in the field of education further appeals to the minds of several professionals and parents across the globe. The modern education landscape involves teachers and institutions implementing innovative services and solutions to tailor, accomplish, and enhance their performance and content delivery. With AI’s applications in schools and colleges proving to be the next big thing, education technology has now gained more significance and stands as a necessity for the effective dissemination of knowledge in today’s hyper-connected environment.

AI-based solutions in today’s market have evolved drastically over the past few years, where the technology excels at automating and personalizing redundant and time-consuming administrative tasks. Functions like grading bulk loads of homework, manually evaluating written reports, and handling hundreds of schedules can be easily managed by a well-designed software or platform. Schools during the admissions period are flooded with additional responsibilities regarding paperwork that, if executed improperly, can lead to several unwarranted complications. But with AI, machine learning, and connected devices, companies around the world have created several solutions that help effectuate a flawless workflow. Smart tutoring platforms and other highly customizable learning management systems have also paved the way for virtual lecturing with positive results, proving especially beneficial in recent times, due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

To help institutions, organizations, and leaders in the education space select the best vendors and advance their business initiatives, Education Technology Insights’ editorial board has assessed and shortlisted a handful of AI solution providers that are at the forefront of providing cutting-edge technology solutions. These companies offer robust products coupled with innovative strategies that are distinctively prominent in the field.

We present to you Education Technology Insights’ “Top 10 Artificial Intelligence Solution Companies - 2021.”

    Top Artificial Intelligence Solution Companies

  • VMock aims to empower students and professionals along the various phases of their career journey, leveraging the power of artificial intelligence. Having infused the vast capabilities of AI with the similarly exhaustive education experience of its management and staff, the company offers a cost-effective and easy-to-use platform that, according to the founder, empowers candidates to place their best foot forward with a thoroughly prepared career launch. VMock approaches its clients with an aim to identify what career they wish to pursue, their level of skill in the subjects related to the field, and how well their resume represents them


  • Bakpax


    Bakpax uses AI to read handwriting and grade assignments. The company's platform reads handwriting assignments and converts the questions and answers into formatted, interactive text, enabling teachers to save the time and trouble of grading, stay on top of student performance and empower students with constant feedback

  • Blackboard


    Blackboard designs learning and education software for enterprise/ school groups. Blackboard is a global leader in enterprise technology and innovative solutions that improve the experience of millions of students and learners around the world every day. Blackboard's solutions allow higher education, K-12, professional, corporate, and government organizations to extend teaching and learning online, facilitate campus commerce and security, and communicate more effectively with their communities

  • CampusLogic


    CampusLogic provides critical tools and resources for the 15 million students who travel the higher education journey each year. The company currently serves more than 750 schools increase enrollment, retention, and graduation rates with a platform, which includes a net price calculator, complete scholarship management, personalized digitalcommunications, simplified financial aid verification, 24×7 personalized virtual advising, tuition, and scholarship crowdfunding, and integrated data visualizations

  • Carnegie Learning

    Carnegie Learning

    Carnegie Learning is a leading publisher of innovative, research-based math curricula for middle school, high school, and post-secondary students. Providing differentiated instruction to schools across the United States, Carnegie Learning is helping students to succeed in math, creating a gateway to graduation and preparing them for the 21st century

  • Cognii


    Cognii develops assessment technology to evaluate essay-type answers for online learning platforms. Their exclusive natural language processing technology can also give customized feedback, not just a score, to engage students in an active learning process and improving their knowledge retention. They also offer Cognii's solution through an API for all online learning platforms, including LMS, MOOCs (Massive Online Open Course), and more

  • DMAI


    DMAI believes that cognitive AI and personalized learning platforms can give people the motivation to advance their lives while empowering teachers and healthcare professionals to provide more personalized instruction and care. They seek to explore the dark matter of intelligence, the 95% invisible, that helps them to understand the visible 5% they see with their sensory inputs

  • Emmersion Learning

    Emmersion Learning

    Emmersion is a rapidly growing SaaS company that specializes in AI-powered language assessments technology. They have developed a fully-automated and adaptive language assessment engine that provides accurate and immediate reports in English and several other languages. This tool helps global organizations automate bilingual language screening to more quickly, accurately, and affordably hire qualified talent, place students, reduce turnover, and improve customer satisfaction scores

  • Jenzabar


    Jenzabar provides software, strategies, and services for the administration of higher education institutions. It offers enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions, student information systems (SIS), learning management systems (LMS), CRM solutions, internet campus solutions, and analytics.The company offers strategic consulting services,managed services, cloud services, professional implementation services, and client training and support

  • Lightspeed Systems

    Lightspeed Systems

    Lightspeed Systems, Inc., provides web filtering, mobile device management, and device monitoring solutions for K-12 education. Lightspeed Systems partners with schools to make learning safe, managed, and mobile. Lightspeed Systems, supporting IT in schools since 1999. Their mission is to transform education by empowering IT departments in schools around the world -- and making it easy for them