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G Venkat, Founder & CEO, bitWise AcademyG Venkat, Founder & CEO
Active learning by each student should be the cornerstone of our educational system. Since 2014, G. Venkat, the CEO of bitwise Academy, has developed the A++ Methodology to bring Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) education to students around the world. The foundation of this approach emphasizes how students in grades K through 12 can Advance, Accelerate, and ultimately Achieve mastery of STEM subjects based on the multi-disciplinary curriculum, course content, and tools, on the bitWise e-learning platform. bitWise Academy incorporates Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning to tailor each course to a student’s individual learning style. Venkat believes that, “STEM is multidisciplinary and STEM education should not only encompass emerging technologies, math, science, and coding principles; it must also recognize the visual arts by incorporating freehand drawing, graphics design, and product design.” bitWise Academy encourages students to explore cutting-edge, high-tech subject areas and cultivate a curiosity for learning while strengthening traditional Common Core fundamentals.

At the heart of its methodology, bitwise Academy leverages its deep expertise in AI and machine learning algorithms to uncover how students learn. Venkat explains that the platform understands each student’s pace, concept mastery, personal interests, time commitment, and many other factors in order to maximize his or her learning potential.” The platform delivers content that supports industry-leading Experience API (xAPI) standards to continuously collect metrics and analyze data points to tailor the student’s learning with highly interactive and immersive experiences.

Recognizing that social media and community forums are important aspects of student-life today, bitwise Academy offers a one-of-a-kind opportunity to engage with Chatbot avatars or collaborate via the Friends Circle to discuss curriculum topics.

We demystify student apprehensions about learning innovative STEM concepts, Advanced Placement subjects, and disruptive technologies necessary to build our future

There is also a Community Forum™ where students, teachers, and parents can post questions and answers.

Venkat’s commitment to offering STEM education to all students is evident in the accessibility and affordability of the program: “bitwise Academy believes that STEM education is fundamental to advancing innovation in multidisciplinary fields and all students should pursue topics such as game programming, computer science, statistics, data science, robotics, 3D printing, space exploration, and IoT (Internet of Things -projects using drones or Raspberry Pi) to take advantage of the opportunities of tomorrow.” Students that avail the bitwise A++ Methodology™ Advance, Accelerate, and ultimately Achieve highly developed problem-solving, critical thinking, and advanced analytical skills both inside and outside of the traditional classroom.

In June 2019, bitWise Academy unveiled its free global STEM Channel on WhatsApp. Subscribers receive seamless delivery of questions and answers in math, physics, chemistry, biology, and computer science in addition to curated posts on current trends in STEM education. Membership to this WhatsApp STEM Channel is available by registering at

For the past five years, bitWise Academy has empowered students all over the globe to experience multidisciplinary STEM education and avail proprietary problem-solving tools. To guide these efforts, bitWise Academy has instituted a Board of Education comprised of renowned educators to review content and continually align the A++ Methodology™ with traditional Common Core and honors-level Advanced Placement (AP) subjects.

With its distinguished Board of Education, interactive features, Chatbot avatars, Friends Circle™, Community Forms™, and a free global STEM Channel on WhatsApp, bitWise Academy is delivering on its mission to bring multidisciplinary STEM education to all students regardless of age, gender or geographic location.

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bitWise Academy

bitWise Academy

Fremont, CA

G Venkat, Founder & CEO

bitWise is the #1 next generation AI-driven Adaptive eLearning platform that enables students in schools and colleges to learn applied computer science and several emerging technology areas in a self-paced manner. Our integrated Applied Computer Science curriculum blends computer science with several topics in STEM, art, music, games, and introduces students to many tools and programming languages as well. Students program using a variety of tools and languages such as MIT Scratch. AppLab Studio, BlueJ for Java, Adobe Photoshop, Python, and many other exciting technologies. Our interdisciplinary curriculum provides a variety of exciting courses in the emerging areas of Video Gaming, Space Tech, Robotics, Data Science, Computer Science and Programming, Hardware Applications, Mobile Development, Bio Tech, Virtual Reality. and many more