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Jean Marie Richardson, Founder & CEO, iFOLIOJean Marie Richardson, Founder & CEO In a world where digital transformation for sales, marketing, and customer connections are top priorities for companies worldwide, SaaS, artificial intelligence (AI), and viewer tracking are changing the way businesses work. Transforming and optimizing business performance, especially sales and marketing, remains an uphill battle for companies across the globe. Worse yet, it is challenging to meet the ever-changing expectations of the modern buyer and catch their attention for more than 7 seconds. According to a recent study, it takes an average of 14 touchpoints to close a sale. That said, it’s more important than ever to maximize engagement with custom content for breaking through the noise and connecting and engaging buyers better.

"iFOLIO isn’t just a cutting-edge way to demonstrate a businesses’ value but also a great way to share contact information with potential clients"

With an aim to seize multiple opportunities for growth with digital transformation, Jean Marie Richardson, an entrepreneur, and technology expert, had been keen about the changing market demands. Realizing a fortune in the industry, she set out to deliver an exceptional customer engagement solution, which led to the founding of iFOLIO. Jean attended Georgia Institute of Technology on a President’s Scholarship, the highest merit award. During undergrad she worked in the President’s Scholars office scoring college applications based on a framework utilized by the Top 100 colleges and universities in the U.S. The idea for iFOLIO came years later when the college application process was digitized, and she realized a digital portfolio platform that targeted that scorecard, could assist students to build their best impression for college, and internships as well. Initially conceived as a tool for students creating digital portfolios for college applications, iFOLIO is at the forefront of delivering cutting edge customer experiences by bridging sales and marketing with bespoke content development and delivery. Jean draws on her rich expertise in developing and launching technology products, managing businesses, and growing revenue at Fortune 500 firms to lead her team at iFOLIO to success.

With a unique digital introduction platform, iFOLIO helps companies redefine the ways they present and introduce themselves to potential clients. Their unique approach demonstrates the level of innovation teeming across metro Atlanta and how the companies in the ecosystem are shaking up the marketplace. “Buyers have higher expectations and lower attention spans. You have to grab them,” says Jean, Founder, president, and CEO, iFOLIO.

One of the powers behind our platform is that it’s simple. Very often, analytics is not. With our analytics, you can glance at your dashboard and see quickly who, what and where is resonating with your iFOLIO link

iFOLIO accelerates client engagement with digital portfolios that illustrate a story with videos, animated charts, and 150 customizable display options. Unlike business cards or presentations, iFOLIO promises an average of 240+ seconds of client engagement. Moreover, the iFOLIO links can be shared from a phone screen without the need for any application or membership. Patent-pending analytics helps users measure response instantly, and automated reporting into CRM solves crucial needs for sales enablement and marketing teams. iFOLIO analytics provides immense value for sales and marketing reach outs. Not only does the technology provide a clear picture of actions, but also produces rich and credible answers and insights that can be acted on.

The Complete Private Portfolio Platform

iFOLIO is a software-as-a-service solution enabling global access for administrators, managers, and end users from a computer and browser from anywhere in the world. Organizations can perform onboarding in multiple groups in different locations at the same time, with minimum latency and maximum functionality. IFOLIO’s modern digital engagement platform provides innovative options to engage stakeholders with digital pages. The solution is fully customizable, flexible, and easy-to-use with pre-built digital portfolios, AI and viewer analytics, all of which maximize impact for the front and back office. As a result, businesses can get the digital edge with iFOLIO. “One of the powers behind our platform is that it’s simple. Very often, analytics is not,” adds Jean. “With our analytics, you can glance at your dashboard and see quickly who, what and where is resonating with your iFOLIO link.”

Business representatives can utilize iFOLIO’s Heat Map and see exactly what content is resonating the most and make informed decisions based on what the prospects are interested in. The highly interactive map allows analyzing where and when the content is being viewed. With these informative and revealing tools, each interaction can be assessed and weighed for increased productivity.

iFOLIO’s digital portfolio platform provides modules prebuilt for applications across diverse industries. On the education front, powered by their proprietary AI framework, iFolio Educator is designed to target the key criteria college admissions scores, while enabling seamless on-boarding. iFOLIO helps to be mindful from the get-go of what kind of portfolio they should develop before they even begin.

iFOLIO isn’t just a cutting-edge way to demonstrate a businesses’ value but also a great way to share contact information with potential clients.

Simply enter in the contact information, hit send, and they immediately have iFOLIO link with a contact card. With iFOLIO, all features and editing capabilities are accessible via smartphone to enable seamless operations whenever and wherever required. Users can check the shared Stats for new contacts and view heat map analytics as they are captured in real-time. The solution also allows to personalize iFOLIO share message and enables to share iFOLIO and contact card download with ease.

Delivering Flexibility and Innovation

In a world where SaaS, AI, and viewer tracking are changing the way businesses operate, Hubspot reports 79 percent of sales professionals using digital platforms to outsell their peers. At this juncture, Equifax—a company using analytics and advanced technology to provide actionable insights to businesses—chose iFOLIO SaaS platform to innovate customer connections with digital engagement, analytics, and AI. With a phone book and a phone, Rich Ripley, Vice President of Sales for Equifax spent days in and out of airports, developing new business. “I’m meeting new prospects and then trying to locate my business cards. iFOLIO is exactly what I have been looking for. It’s a mental dart for new prospects, and I can send it right from my phone which is always with me.” says Rich Ripley, Vice President of Sales for Equifax.

The iFOLIO platform comes with highly customizable landing pages with 150+ options for digital engagement, viewer tracking, analytics, an account media library to maximize marketing ROI with brand approved content, and AI for easier on-boarding. According to a Microsoft study, word documents get an average of 15 seconds of viewing time, but iFOLIO gets an average 120+ seconds. iFOLIO enables the leaders to digitally showcase the value proposition of their products while putting a face to the leader representing the brand and enhancing customer connections.

Redefining Client engagement

iFOLIO is a MAX Awards finalist this year for its innovative engagement platform that enables professionals to build digital portfolios to introduce themselves to potential customers and create digital presentations and proposals that can be shared publicly or privately.

While iFOLIO today serves clients all over the U.S. and users in 58 countries, the team is really proud of their Georgia roots. They believe Atlanta is the next technology epicenter and the perfect place to develop and grow iFOLIO. Digital transformation initiatives are a top priority, and IDC reports $2.2 trillion will be spent on these initiatives by the end of 2019.

In the long run, the company has a strong outlook for growth. “We have to marry growing our customer base with taking feedback from customers and making sure we prioritize the right things back into our products,” Jean concludes. “We have a roadmap on the product side that goes out for the next three years. It’s a really exciting time for us.”

- Tina Rosen
    August 06, 2019


Get Better With Digital Portfolio Storytelling with This Platform

iFOLIO, on its platform couples the capability of a portfolio or single visual story in a private link. The link consequently can be shared directly with a consumer through iFOLIO’s proprietary Visual Share SMS or email.

FREMONT, CA: Cresa Atlanta, a real estate leader, is delivering engaging digital trends and portfolios directly to buyers and customers through iFOLIO, a platform for digital portfolios and business SMS. One can transform the customer experience with iFOLIO’s portfolio platform that delivers personalized experiences.
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iFOLIO's Proprietary Tech Platform Powers Cresa Atlanta's Marketing with Digital Portfolio Storytelling and Business SMS

ATLANTA: Cresa Atlanta, a commercial real estate leader throughout the United States, is delivering engaging digital portfolios and trends directly to customers and buyers through iFOLIO® a patent-pending platform for Digital Portfolios and business SMS.

"We understand that customers want insights. iFOLIO helps us engage our customers with a portfolio and data on the mobile device they are most connected to," says Scott Polinski, Vice President of Cresa Atlanta.

Amazon's Jeff Bezos banned powerpoints in his meetings and is requiring that every business presentation be crafted like a story because the human brain is hardwired for a narrative and stories are more persuasive.

iFOLIO packages the power of a single visual story or portfolio into a private link that can be shared directly with a buyer through iFOLIO's proprietary Visual Share SMS, email, or any way a link is shared. The result is a connected customer experience that is personalized, private, and delivered 1-to-1.

"iFOLIO's platform is so incredibly powerful because it connects the power of storytelling with data, relationships, and business SMS. Patent pending analytics and Reverse CRM™ empower businesses to be customer focused and data-driven," says Jean Marie Richardson, Founder and CEO, iFOLIO.

Using its own incredibly effective platform for sales and marketing, iFOLIO grew paid customers 1100% last year. The private portfolios generate open rates up to 75% from mobile share, and engagement up to 2 min 40+ seconds in a market where attention spans average 7 seconds.

Today iFOLIO powers over 3500 clients in 58 countries including the Atlanta Falcons NFL, Equifax, iD Tech and more. iFOLIO was awarded "Best Personalized Digital Marketing - 2019" by AI Global Media and was honored with a 2019 MAX Marketing Innovation Award by the Atlanta Business Chronicle for introducing a new standard of digital engagement for enterprise professionals with a platform for private portfolio sites for customer introductions, presentations, and proposals.